G talking inbetween songs.

"I've been really active on the interweb in the last couple of years. And one of the things I've noticed is that women are getting a lot of shit right now. Especially on the internet. Getting a lot of death threats, and a lot of awful things being said to them. I know why this is. It is the result of old, white dudes in power... That are really afraid of you! Because everything is shifting and everything is changing right now and I love it!"

- Gerard Way [x] 

be nice to the first person you see because they had to wake up too

Jag torkade håret idag och kom att tänka på ett av Gerards tweets, så jag sökte upp det. Här är det:

"Good morning-
Wake up. Be nice to the first person you see because they had to wake up too. Do your thing. Straighten your head. Caffeinate if it’s how you do it. Get where you need to be- transit, personal or public. Be on time- people bum out when you make them wait because they had to do the same shit as you to participate in the world today. Be civil. Be prepared- people with less confidence than you will try and level the playing the field by acting on your weakness so know your stuff. Look sharp. Smell clean. Be smart- not paranoid. Be a peacock or a pigeon- but fly under the radar either way and know your truth. Talk less. Build more. Listen, but only until someone stops making sense. Give smiles freely, but only genuinely. Love anyone you might not see tomorrow-, which could be everyone. Know your part. Play it well but don’t fake it. Look for the magic- 
And try not to fuck with it."
-G. [x]


what matters

“Your past doesn’t matter- what happened five years ago doesn’t matter- the only thing that matters is your friends on stage- and what you do tonight. That will last forever.”

Reading and Leeds-

Frank said this seconds before we killed the house-lights on stage at Reading- in a group hug, and in near darkness. And not to misquote him but this is what I heard in my head- maybe he said it more poetically, but he has a talent for being direct- which is what I love about him.

And we were very direct.


Älskar hur äkta detta band var, och dessa personer. Aldrig någonsin någon bullshit.



Letade efter mitt bästa peppinlägg på mychemicalromance.com som är de ord Frank skrev när Danger Days släpptes 22 November 2010. Sedan jag läste det den dagen har jag aldrig glömt det inlägget. Har haft det favoritmarkerat för två datorer sedan, och även på den förra vill jag minnas.. Ett utdrag därifrån är än idag min skärmsläckare på telefonen. Hur som helst så råkade jag hitta detta, tyckte det var fint. Som det mesta som har med dessa individer eller detta band att göra. Här är ett utdrag:



Only time reveals a records true inner beauty. Time spent together, getting to know one another, falling in love... In love with it's imperfections. This year has been a journey for us, and for you all. Together we have made new friends and lost old ones. We have celebrated and cried. Made love and waged war. We have grown as people and found our true selves along the way. We've traveled many miles and eventually found our way back home. We have lived the most dangerous of days to the fullest and more times than not, come out on top.

All of us are forever endebted to our incredible support systems. The ones that have been there from the beginning, and would never turn their backs. It is because of you that we have found the incredible strength inside to be ourselves, and to ultimately not give a shit what anyone thinks.

We are anxiously looking forward to contaminating Australia with you next year. But until then live dangerous, be yourselves, and dont ever give a fuck.

- Frank Iero 

Could I? Should I?

"In a room of twenty people or fourteen thousand people,
we believe it, so eventually you’ll believe it no matter
what. The power of belief is the strongest thing in
the world. There’s no quick way.”

— Gerard Way.