be nice to the first person you see because they had to wake up too

Jag torkade håret idag och kom att tänka på ett av Gerards tweets, så jag sökte upp det. Här är det:

"Good morning-
Wake up. Be nice to the first person you see because they had to wake up too. Do your thing. Straighten your head. Caffeinate if it’s how you do it. Get where you need to be- transit, personal or public. Be on time- people bum out when you make them wait because they had to do the same shit as you to participate in the world today. Be civil. Be prepared- people with less confidence than you will try and level the playing the field by acting on your weakness so know your stuff. Look sharp. Smell clean. Be smart- not paranoid. Be a peacock or a pigeon- but fly under the radar either way and know your truth. Talk less. Build more. Listen, but only until someone stops making sense. Give smiles freely, but only genuinely. Love anyone you might not see tomorrow-, which could be everyone. Know your part. Play it well but don’t fake it. Look for the magic- 
And try not to fuck with it."
-G. [x]



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